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Saddlery Goods

You can get a wide range of optimum quality saddlery goods here at Eastern International. In this collection, we have printed horse rugs and western show pads. All these are used for supporting the structure of the rider. Our offered products are designed for providing protection to the horses from chilling after the bath. Saddlery goods keep them dry, free from sweat and safe from diverse weather conditions. In addition to this, the said products are also ideal for giving extra cushioning between the horse and the saddle. Also, make the rider feel comfortable and protected. Can be purchased in attractive prints. 

Horse Rugs

This horse rug is developed to assist horses to chill down in comfort by having rapid drying characteristics. It is permeable and engineered to channel sweat into the rug, where it evaporates, allowing the horse to gradually chill down. It is constructed of a pill-resistant material. It serves as a sweat sheet, competition rug, and transportation rug all in one. This horse rug is made of a soft, breathable cloth that wicks away sweat and has a mesh bottom for maximum ventilation.

Printed Horse Rugs

We are delivering a comprehensive range of Printed Horse Rugs. These are crafted with a printed design and thread counts. These rugs are easy to spread and remove. These are designed for the wet summer month to help keep your horse dry. Printed Horse Rugs are also useful to prevent chilling after bathing. These are used to maintain an ideal temperature while travelling. They are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. 

Horse Western Show Pads

This horse western show pad is a jumping show pad that is anatomically constructed to suit the horse's back. It is made of a long-lasting fabric that absorbs moisture fast. It comes in a variety of hues, including basic white, black, and green. This horse western show pad is constructed of 100 percent pure, natural cloth and has a distinctive double-layer effect with characteristic VALOR cut-outs. This pad is a superb fit and exceptionally pleasant to wear because it is custom-tailored to the horse's spinal curvature.

Designer Western Show Pads

We are notable in bringing a broad array of Designer Western Show Pads. These are manufactured under the supervision of adept experts and modern tools to make a best quality of material. These pads are easy to use for a longer time. Designer Western Show Pads are able to dissipates heat and wicks moisture. These are also useful to provide an extra cushioning between the saddle and the horse. These are availed at nominal rates. 

Green Horse Rugs

We are affianced in dealing a superior range of Green Horse Rugs. These are used to give a complete protection to your horse. These rugs are easy to wash and tumble to dry. Along with these, provided rugs are used to shield horses from different weather conditions. Green Horse Rugs are useful to make horse warm and cosy. These are weaved in a green and vibrant colour to recognized your horse while riding. 

Fancy Western Show Pads

Western Show Pads

We have carved a niche in dealing a comprehensive range of Western Show Pads. These are made with a finest quality of thread counts and cutting edge technologies. These pads are used to absorb sweat and protect the horses back. Western Show Pads are also aid to distribute the pressure from the weight of you as well as saddle. Provided pads are helpful to protect a horse's back from pressure and moisture.


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